The Parish Meeting has agreed that we should update our 2012 Village Plan. This process will follow the procedure for the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan, so that in the event that local governance for Baylham changes to a Parish Council, the plan will be submitted for approval as a Neighbourhood Plan. Neighbourhood Plans have significant weight in the planning process, Village Plans do not. In the event that the Parish remains as a Parish Meeting, the document will be used as evidence of the wishes of the community and, in the absence of representations to the contrary, act as the Parish Meeting mandate to support any submissions to BMSDC.

Neighbourhood Plans

Aldham Neighbourhood Plan This is a good example of what an approved plan looks like for a small community such as Baylham

Consultation Documents

Residents and non-resident landowners are invited to comment on the following documents. Neighbourhood Plans must be consistent with BMSDC's Joint Local Plan. The guidance notes are proposed to be used by the Parish to, guide conditioning requests in future planning applications, and ensure a transparent and consistent approach to requesting enforcement action, where planning regulations may have been breached.

BMSDC Draft Joint Local Plan Final approval expected 2020/1

Suffolk County Council 18 Asset Note Rolling Valley Farmlands EP/Edit1

Joint Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council Landscape Guidance 2015 

Country Land Owners Association - Guidance Note - Horses and Planning 2015

Working Documents

These are documents that are used for Information, progress reports and consultation.

Village Plan Report Jan 2020  This update report was made to the Parish Meeting 21 01 20

V/N Plan Initial Survey Feb 2020  Survey delivered to all households in the Parish