A draft of the Village Plan has now been drawn up based on the results of the survey and ballot.  A copy of the draft will be distributed to every household and business in the village during April 2012 to allow everyone time to consider it before the Annual Parish Meeting.

It will then be formally presented to the village for discussion and adoption at the Meeting which will take place at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 16th May 2012 in the Village Hall.

Many ideas put forward received considerable support in the ballot and have thus been included in the Village Plan.  They will certainly make the village a better place if they can be implemented.   However, to actually make them happen will require support from villagers - so when looking at the ideas (listed at Appendix D in the  draft Plan) please consider whether you can help with any of them and let us know either at or before the Parish Meeting.

 In the meantime if anyone has any queries please contact any of the Baylham Plans Group members who will be happy to assist.

Baylham Plans Group Members:

Pat Ducker, ‘Homefield’, Upper Street, Baylham

Brian Dyes, ‘East Farthing’, Upper Street, Baylham

Jan Dyes, ‘East Farthing’, Upper Street, Baylham

John Field, ‘Ebony’, Upper Street, Baylham

Hilary Ritchie, 10 Glebe Close, Baylham

Eve Rush, 9 Glebe Close, Baylham

Alan Seager, ‘The Lighthouse’ Upper Street, Baylham

Chantal White, ‘Castaways’. Upper Street, Baylham

Jim White, ‘Castaways’. Upper Street, Baylham