There are two issues at the moment that I believe we should discuss at a parish meeting and decide what action we wish to take as a community.


They are: 

A planning application for four “affordable” houses on the common.  This is a proposal from Leslie Short of Artisan which he presented at the last village coffee morning.  Keven Thomas is collecting information and will present a proposed view on the matter.  The application is on the Mid Suffolk District Council www site in the planning application area if you want to look at it in detail.


The Care home wishes to connect to the sewer that runs along upper street to overcome the persistent problems they have had with their sewage plant.  Some of you will have had a document delivered outlining the work necessary and there will be a leaflet drop to every house nearer to the time of the work.  The problem is that the proposal is to close Upper Street for a considerable period, around four weeks in January and that will be a significant problem for many of us.  The contractor who would do the work has offered to come to a meeting to explain what is proposed and since he could not make the coffee morning I have invited him on the 5th.

I have been in touch with Anglian Water who give consent for the work and with the County Network Assurance team who also need to agree the activity but who cannot prevent connection to essential services they say.  There are alternative routes but they would involve private land and Adrian Fairburn appears to have selected this as the appropriate route.

John Field

Chair of Baylham Parish Meeting

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