Baylham Road Closure


Dear Resident,

 As you are, no doubt, aware Upper Street will be closed from 21st January for 7 weeks. There will be no access to the B1113 during this time.

Despite several people contacting the various authorities involved we have not been able to stop this work going ahead.

There has been a suggestion that we put in place a one-way system but it would seem that Highways are unable or unwilling to do this.

Therefore, we are asking residents, on an informal basis, if they would follow this proposed route.


  1. To access the village from the B1113 via Circular Road (Back Lane) up to Baylham Stone.


  1. To exit the village via Baylham Stone, Nettlestead and Little Blakenham/Somersham.


This would mean that 90% of the time there should not be anyone coming the other way.  The only 2 way stretch would be from the village to the Stone junction where there are some passing places.

Obviously, this is not legally enforceable  but would be a kindness and consideration to our fellow residents who are extremely worried about backing up in the dark and any bad weather.

If you feel this is a good idea please inform any visitors/ delivery drivers etc.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this please contact the signatories below.

Jan & Brian Dyes

Ron & Sue Philpott

John Field